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Tips on Cleaning up at Home during Quarantine

The past year has been a season of staying indoors. Due to the pandemic, everyone has been forced to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus. Employees now work from their living rooms and students attend classes in their bedrooms. With everyone in the family being home day after day, things can be chaotic, cramped, and even a bit untidy, and it doesn’t help that it’s hard to go out to release all that stress.

Instead of always scrolling through your phone, why not use this time to do a house cleanup? Dedicate your and your family’s energy to improving your home environment because after all, you’ll be at home the majority of the time.

There are several things that you can do to clean your home and stay safe from the virus at the same time. Here are some tips to help you:

Have Adequate Ventilation

Cleaning can easily scatter dust around, causing allergies and such. Not to mention, the Covid-19 virus has a higher chance of infecting someone within closed spaces, so make sure to allow for proper ventilation especially while cleaning.

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Clean by Category

According to the famous KonMari method of tidying up, cleaning should be done per category instead of per location. This will give you a better idea of how to start in a room full of cluttered items. It will also be easier to disinfect things of the same variety, for example, laundry can be done collectively, shoes can be wiped clean together, etc., instead of doing them again and again per room.

Rearrange Things Strategically

Knowing the world’s current situation, you may want to change the arrangement of your things and furniture, especially near the door, or the receiving area. This is where the virus could most likely enter: through the people and things coming in. Place a shoe rack near the door to avoid getting shoes inside, same with the laundry basket. Make sure that there are alcohol or disinfectant sprays near the entrance so people can disinfect their hands, things, or even the deliveries, right away. Be strategic, and look for ways to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Clean frequently touched surfaces

This can be remote controls, doorknobs, keyboards, handles, or anything that often comes into contact with your hands or body. It would be best to make it a point in your household to clean these items daily. This reduces the chances of infection for everyone in your family since the virus can be spread through surface contact.

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Make use of Valet Storage

While tidying up, it is oftentimes unavoidable to find items you just don’t know where to put, from an extra bed mattress to Halloween costumes.

If you want to have more space for your family at home and improve your quality of life during the pandemic, take advantage of valet storage. It is a service that allows you to store items in a separate facility without you having to personally go there. The items you want to store are picked up and delivered, and this is exactly what Budget Bodega is all about. At the click of a button, you can have your items delivered to your doorstep, for free, at any time, and we pick up items too. We’re here so that you don’t have to set foot outside and expose yourself to the virus, creating a safe and innovative solution for your storage needs.

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